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Woodway Force 1.0 Used Woodway Force 1.0 Used

The Force is a manual, stationary, sport loading platform designed specifically for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training. With an electro-magnetic braking system built in, this performance treadmill is designed to increase resistance and push athletes to their limits. Equipped with an adjustable harness and varying levels of resistance, the Force is a dynamic training tool for all athletes looking to improve quickness, power, and anaerobic endurance.
There is nothing that compares to the Force. The Force is a stationary sport loading platform designed specifically for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training. The system works by tethering an athlete in place so they become the “drive” or “force”. Instead of a motor, there is actually a brake, so you have the ability to increase resistance and take training to the next level. This is only made possible by the Slat Belt running surface, which allows the belt to move without friction and to stand up to the rigors of the largest and most powerful athletes. By adding more resistance and varying interval time and target speeds, the Force is ideal for targeting and training sport-specific Energy System Development (ESD). Simply put, the Force gives coaches and trainers a remarkable edge in training athletes for speed, explosiveness, and anaerobic endurance.

The slat-belt running surface also has distinct advantages, lasting up to 150,000 miles without a single belt change or deck swap. With 114 ball bearings, the belt glides smoothly, resulting in years of life with very little maintenance. There is no need to adjust and tension the belt because our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley.

The Force treadmill does not have a motor so it utilizes very little electricity. All it takes is an athlete’s will and determination.

Freemotion Chest Used Freemotion Chest

Available in Sept There's no adjustment on the Genesis Chest Press - just get on and go. With a larger range of motion than on typical chest machines, Genesis is the safest, most comfortable chest press on the market. The "easy in" pin sets the tone for this user-defined machine. With no restrictions on movement, anything is possible -- even more than chest workouts. When grouped with other Genesis machines, you can create a highly-functional workout circuit that turns "chest and arm day" into "aerobic and strength training" day.

Our Price: $650.00
Freemotion Row Used Freemotion Row

Available in Sept
Because it starts from a higher position, the Genesis Row was designed to do more than a typical row. Extra plush thigh pads support the legs as members pull down to a relaxed shoulder position - counteracting the shoulder shrug from sitting at a desk all day. With single arm or dual arm movements, levers move independently to open up a ton of workout possibilities - chop, twist, press, punch. Turn a typical strength training workout into an aerobic, heart pounder.

Our Price: $650.00
Freemotion Incline Trainer Used Freemotion Incline Trainer Used

Top Rated Health Club Brand Free Motion USA, offers this heavy duty commercial treadmill with an amazing incline of 30% to a -3% downhill. This is the only commercial treadmill model on the market to offer these unique incline and decline capabilities. If you want to lose weight, research shows walking at inclines of 18% and above provides low-impact exercise that burns 3 times more calories than running at 6 mph and zero incline. If you're a runner or athlete, research also shows hill training can dramatically increase your speed during sprints. The FreeMotion Incline Trainer is driven by a one-of-a-kind, rear-drive motor system that delivers "proven" long term durability and reliability with high quality performance. Also, by positioning the motor at the back, the luxurious running surface has an incredibly spacious StretchDeck of 22" x 60", while simultaneously making it easy to access the motor during routine maintenance. The most comfortable and supportive DuraSoft FlexDeck shock absorbing system dramatically reduces impact to back, knees and joints! A very powerful commercial quality WhisperQuiet 5.0 HP AC DRVS Motor will support thousands of heart pounding quality workouts for gym or home use.
Motor: DRVS - Direct Rear Velocity System: The FreeMotion Incline Trainer is driven by a one-of-a-kind, rear-drive motor system that delivers quality performance with the most comfortable deck cushioning. By positioning the motor at the back, the running surface has a smooth, spacious feel while making it easy to access the motor during routine maintenance.
Peak Horsepower: 0.5 - 12 MPH (max. speed of 10 MPH at declines less than 0%)
Motor: Specifically designed for the Incline Trainer, this AC lift motor provides 1500 lbs. of lift force for smooth, consistent deck movement and stabilization.
Maximum user weight capacity: 350 lbs. (159 kg)
Deck: Double coated with phenolic resin on both sides of the deck to last twice as long when flipped during general maintenance.
Tread Belt: Maintenance-free Belt: 22” x 60” (56 cm x 152 cm), 2-ply belt requires no lubrication for years of smooth, consistent use.
Belt Size: 22” x 60” (56 cm x 152 cm), 2-ply belt
Heart Rate Monitoring Technology: Pulse information can be displayed on the console via contact sensors or Polar® compatible wireless telemetry.
Speed Range: 0.5 - 12 MPH (max. speed of 10 MPH at declines less than 0%)
Power Incline: -3 to 30%
Electronics: Cardio Theater & BroadcastVision Compatible, FitLinxx Certified
Insta-Touch Direct Speed & Incline Selectors: QuickTouch Incline: Adjust incline from -3 to 30% by simply touching a button or scrolling in 0.5% increments.
Dimensions: 77" L x 36" W x 76" H / (196 x 91.5 x 193.5 cm)

************SOLD AS IS***********

Our Price: $750.00
Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover Used Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover

Available in Sept

The Genesis Dual-Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in everyday life. Every muscle and plane of motion can be worked and challenged on this unique machine. Lead one-on-one personal training sessions or small group circuits for a strength, stability and balance component you won't find on fixed-isolated machines. The open design makes it wheelchair accessible and welcoming for all fitness levels. Add a bench or stability ball to create a truly customized workout for members who want to focus on ab work.

Our Price: $2,800.00